Amazon Sales Rank Guide

What is the Amazon sales rank?

The Amazon sales rank which is also known as Best Seller Ranking (BSR) shows how well a product is selling in the same category compared to other competitor products. It is a rank that each product is awarded in their multi-million product catalog.

A product is considered as the most-purchased product in that category with sales rank #1; and product with sales rank (or BSR) #2 is the second-most-purchased product in that category, etc.

How Amazon sales rank is calculated?

It’s not even revealed by Amazon itself that how exactly the sales rank (BSR) is calculated, which is why only theories and speculation are there surrounding the method. It’s comparatively seen that sales volume alone is considered for Sales Rank and not other figures such as a retail price, number of reviews, etc.

While it’s yet not clear that which timeframe for the sales volume is taken into consideration. Some theories conclude that sales from the last 12 hours are counted; while other posits of 24 hours or more.

When calculating the Amazon sales rank (BSR), we think that the sales volume from a considerably larger window of time is taken into consideration. Now let’s imagine if only sales from the last 24 hours were counted, then how it will be calculated for all products which weren’t purchased in the last 24 hours? Would they have the same sales rank? No this isn’t the case. If the product has not been purchased in last 24 hours, then the Amazon sales rank falls systematically over the course of many weeks – which shows that for the Amazon bestseller ranking, Amazon takes a considerably longer purchase history into consideration.

Let us explain you this with a simple example:

  • Suppose Product A has generated the sales at the beginning of the week
  • And now Product B has also generated the same number of sales at the end of the week.
  • So logically, Product B will have a better sales rank than Product A, because the sales were more recent.

How can the Amazon sales rank be used?

The (BSR) Amazon bestseller ranking can be used for various different purposes and isn’t only interesting for one who is already selling on Amazon.

1. Product Research: Find products with high demand
With the help of the BSR, you can easily reduce the risk of investing in a slow seller when you are looking for new products. The best way to estimate the product demand is Amazon sales rank. It’s crystal clear that the sales on Amazon will be more if the sales rank is better (a lower number = better rank). Generally, new sellers start searching for products with a sales rank lower than 5,000 or even 2,000.

2. Competitor Benchmarking
The key benefit to seasoned Amazon sellers is that they can easily collect important information by glancing at the Amazon bestseller list. Monitoring the competitor activities, and compare the same with the toughest competition (benchmarking) are placed here at the forefront. If you find a better ranking for similar products that you have or selected to sell, then that means there’s scope for improvement for your own product. Thus, it’s quite important to monitor and track the Amazon sales rank of your own product as well as that of your competition so that you can plan about how to optimize your own Amazon product listing.

How can you improve sales rank on Amazon?

After going through an overview of Amazon’s sales rank (BSR) – what it is, how it’s been calculated, its various uses and how often it’s updated – the question inevitably arises: What can you actually do to improve your own Sales Rank on Amazon (BSR)? The answer seems as banal as it is complicated: you need to generate more sales than your competitors on Amazon. Get your own Amazon Sales Tracking System and monitor it. As the sales rank is a relative figure, you just need to monitor your own sales volume as well as that of your competitors.

Get Amazon Sales Tracker and Improve Your Amazon Sales Rank

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