How Hotel Booking Application Development can Improve Your Existing Hotel Business?

Hotel Booking Application Development Company in India

Who should read this content?

  1. Entrepreneurs who want to start their own business through a niche marketplace for hotel bookings
  2. 5-7 Star International hotels who want their own customized mobile or web application development to smoothen the business.
  3. Hotel Associations like Oyo rooms and Fab hotel, who lets the user choose hotels from their merge hotels.

With the digital technology and rush in vacation time, most of the travelers prefer to book hotels in advance so they will not have to face any trouble in the unknown city. In the USA 61% of travelers book a hotel room on a hotel booking application. With few swipes and clicks, you can reserve your room from miles away sitting on a chair. Hotel Booking with Django web application development is growing nowadays. With the features like budget setting, city and country filters, sorting and star selection, booking your choice of room is much easier.

Business owners and customers both can benefit from this digital application.  Businesses can fetch more customers and expand their business. Let’s have some statistics.

According to Criteo,

  1. Travel companies that have a booking app reported 60% of transactions via mobile, up from 41% just one year ago.
  2. Agencies and suppliers had a 23% conversion rate from travelers who accessed their apps. This is compared with only 11% on desktop and 4% on mobile.

Advantages of Hotel Booking Application Development

  • From User Side

  1. Budget Setting: Hotel booking applications allow users to set the price range and get the hotels within their budget.
  2. Country and City Selection: Application enables the user to select the desired city and country they are going to travel.
  3. Photo Gallery: User can view the room in photos, like the interior, bathroom, balcony view.
  4. Check Rates and Available Dates: All the listed out hotels might not be available at desire date. So you can see the room is vacant on a specific date or not.
  5. Reviews and Ratings: User can read the reviews and see the ratings given by the users and decide to choose this room is worthy or not.
  6. Direction with Geolocation: Users can reach hotel destination with the maps enable the application.
  7. Push Notifications: Notifications for deals, discount, price drop, hotel availability of a specific date,  ease the use of the application.
  8. Multiple Payment Methods: Traveller can book the room with plethora payment option like cash, debit or credit card and wallets.
  9. Easy Cancellation: Any situation can come and user have to cancel the booking, so cancellation of the room should be available.
  10. Booking of Miles Away Hotels: If you are unknown to the destination city, Booking application enables you to book your desired room from the different country also.
  • From Business Owner Side

  1. Brand Awareness: Hotel businesses will create brand awareness and grow their business.
  2. Customer Loyalty: Customer can trust the hotel if it has a web presence.
  3. Revenue Channel: Hire dedicated Django developers to develop web and mobile app development and start earning through running ads on it.
  4. Customer Service: Reviews and feedbacks, help businesses to improve their services.
  5. Communication Channel: Interested user can chat directly to the management team and get more info about the rooms and services.
  6. No. of Satisfied Clients: With the more information providing about the facility and services, the user satisfaction will grow.
  7. 24/7 Visibility: Users can book their rooms with themselves at any time and anywhere. This will decrease the man hours to book hotels and all the booking system managed automatically.
  8. Competitive Edge: To stay ahead in competition you have to be unique. If your surrounded hotel businesses have not their digital presence, you will be beneficial.
  9. Upload Photo Gallery: To attract more customers you can show them your best room interior, the food you serve, view of the hotel.
No. of Benefits of Booking Hotel Mobile or Web Application Development
  • From Owner Side

  1. Automate booking rooms services.
  2. Easily provide accessibility of information.
  3. Improve staff productivity.
  4. Collect a large amount of user data.
  • From User Side

  1. Easy login via Facebook, Gmail or other social accounts.
  2. Run application in mobile, laptops, desktops or tablets.
  3. Book rooms at any time from anywhere.

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