Native Vs Web Vs Hybrid App Development in India

Nativ Apps

Native apps are built through the software development kit(SDK) of OS. Native apps are available free or in-app purchase option in app stores. The user can download them and use them. Apple and Google provide their own development tools, interface elements, and standardized SDK; Xcode and Android Studio. So the developer can use it and build apps easily. As Native apps have OS oriented designs, iPhone and Android apps must be created separately from each other.

Web Apps

Actually, Web apps are not apps, they’re websites. They look and designed like Nativ apps but they run on Web browsers. They can run in different browsers, like Safari and Chrome, firefox, opera. They are built with HTML5 and Javascript.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are the combination of Web and Native Apps. Like native apps, they are available in App stores and Like web apps, they rely on HTML being rendered in a browser. Hybrid app development is trending because it is with cross-platform development and hence reduce development costs. Means one app can run in the different OS.

What are the Native, Web and Hybrid Apps? Benefits of Each with Infographic