The Popularity of Codeigniter App Development Explained

PHP and its frameworks are ruling the hearts of developers since the time being and each is better than the next. Although the selection of framework depends upon the type of project, Codeigniter is one such PHP framework whose architecture is such that it allows you to develop scalable and secure web applications easily. Let's understand Codeigniter App Development a bit more.

Codeigniter App Development

PHP frameworks never fail to impress the developers and the end-users and so Codeigniter does the same with its charisma. With its bundle of pre-built modules, a platform where robust; and reusable components are created and faster development cycles, Codeigniter climbed its way to the top by offering excellent handy features that any developer would fall for. It is evident from the rise of demand for CodeIgniter development services in India that how Codeigniter has come today.

Why Choose Codeigniter?

High-performance web applications favouring simple solutions are what users prefer today and Codeigniter serves you with that all. Some of the top reasons why you must opt for CodeIgniter development services are;

RAD - All PHP frameworks are known for their Rapid Application Development (RAD) which is a boon to developers as it eliminates the unnecessary effort one puts on the same problem reworking the program structures. Thus you get your app or web developed in much less time compared to other scripting languages.

MVC Architecture - CodeIgniter is an open-source, easy-to-configure, Model-View-Controller based framework whose web design pattern or architecture separates the entire application into three linked sections, providing a platform to the developers for performing prospect up gradations or customizations without any difficulties.

The MVC structure is as follows;

Model – The lowest one which is responsible for the maintenance of data.

View – Where the data is presented to the users.

Controller – Which keeps both the above levels, linked and on the same page.

Error Handling - One of the best features of CodeIgniter is that it allows easy access to the error reports in the developing stage itself which makes it easier for developers to resolve them after production. You can also save the debugging messages as text files by rendering instructions to the error-logging class and develop robust applications hassle and error free.

Effective Form Validation - While developing a web application, when all the required data is obtained in the correct format, the development process becomes simple and quick. The form validation in Codeigniter is up to the mark and effortless. You can also perform custom validation with the help of this PHP framework.

Inbuilt Security Tools - While recovering data from the database, excluding slashes manually, can be annoying and time-consuming, well, due to the inbuilt security tools and certain default settings in Codeigniter, such database issues are resolved by turning off the magic quotes runtime directives that boot up when a query is inserted.

Other than these the catchy and impressive long list of features of CodeIgniter are;

● It is extremely lightweight

● It allows full-page caching

● Is easy to configure, customise, learn, adapt and deploy

● Its compatibility with standard hosting accounts eliminates the need for configuration and typical coding rules

● Supports easy, hassle-free migration from one server hosting to another

● It simplifies the PHP syntax

● Makes PHP coding simple, quick and easy to use

● Consists of a good and wide collection of possessed libraries

● Outstanding and easy to remember Active Record Database Support

● Allows construction of your own cleaner URI lines

● Offers effortless session management

● Supports hooks and class extensions

● Localization, Data Encryption, Pagination, Benchmarking, Application Profiling, everything is up to the mark

Summing up

Working with Codeigniter is not a difficult nut to track, in fact, it is one of the best open source development platforms for PHP that simplifies the development process for you. Its error handling and debugging feature allows you to develop an application from the scratch without putting much of your effort or time. And if you have approached an efficient Codeigniter development company in India, Kanhasoft, to do the job on your behalf, then you can sit back can relax as our team of experienced Codeigniter developers will surprise you with the results.

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