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While no technology can ever replace humans, you can use it to enhance productivity and streamline work. CRM development services give you an in-depth look into what's going on in your customer's mind from profile to purchase history. These stats help you to analyze customer preferences and design your products that way. Custom CRM software development always better than a pre-made solution because it is designed according to your business needs. If your business deals in second-hand cars, it will give you information about the types of brands your customers prefer. You can use this analysis to find cars of that brand, so your revenue grows. Without the software, you will never know their preferences and struggle with making sales. A CRM software development company will help you with CRM application development.

CRM Software Development

How do custom CRM solutions benefit startups?

Consider a custom CRM software as a one-stop destination for employee communication, PR, customer data, product and services data, and acquisition. Whether you have 10 employees or 50, the software will be just as efficient. In a world where 80% customers research your products online before making a purchase, you need appear as a strong company that has confidence in your products. It is only possible with custom CRM development. You not only save money but also get more to invest in the marketing plan and promotional strategies. It is a wise decision because every CRM software development company in India. works according to your plan and convenience. They are more than ready to make the changes you want. Outsourcing CRM application development in India is meant to improve productivity at work as it takes away all the tension and allows you to concentrate on core business activities.

In 2018, CRM usage by companies rose from 56 to 74 percent in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, and Australia. CRM development services in India are affordable.

Store all data in one place

Cloud-based CRM software is becoming increasingly popular among all types from companies from start-ups to enterprises. The biggest advantage is that you can access it from anywhere in the world. You are no more restricted to your computer screen in the office. It promotes effective multitasking. Make sure you backup all your data on your company system and another cloud storage.

Make everyday tasks automatic

We often ignore the efforts put behind the 100 different tiny tasks that bring together a project. They are equally important but are something that you can easily automate using a customized software. Some of these tasks include sending legal issues, filling out forms, and sending reports to seniors and subordinates. When these tasks are off the plate, your employees can concentrate on core business activities like product development and customer service.

Since all data gets automatically stored in one place, different departments of your company including product development, customer service, sales, and marketing stay updated with progress made by other teams. They don’t need to send emails back and forth asking for an update and allows the work to go on smoothly.

Is hiring custom CRM developers from India worth it?

It absolutely is. Hiring overseas developers from India reduce accessory costs related to in-house development, which are spent towards hiring and training employees according to company standards. They will already be experts and require little input from you to develop a high quality CRM solution.

This is the right time to invest in a custom CRM software because your customers will be happy that you are taking special efforts into meeting their needs. Happy customers mean that they will return for more purchases. And since we are talking about Indian companies, let us introduce to you, Kanhasoft. It is an excellent custom CRM development company based in India known for their highly skilled and experienced developers and superior quality work.

Why You Need CRM Software Development Company?

Proper Organization

Spending critical time in searching for a client’s contact number through call history or email inbox is a huge waste of salesman’s time. Speed and time are critical for any sales process and a CRM will help save a lot of time. Custom CRM software acts as a repository for all details associated with your clients, contacts and suppliers, which is easy to manage and access.

Proper Organization

Streamlined Communication

Custom CRM development helps to streamline your entire organization level communication. What if your new sales rep is working on a lead that their colleague already talked to 1 year ago? Implementing a CRM, developed by custom CRM development company India will help each resource immediately access the progress with a prospect and the communication logs. Your staff can easily get all required information of a customer history.

Streamlined Communication

Customer Intimacy

Customer intimacy is the process of getting closer to your customers to identify your customer pain areas. This results in tailoring of your products & services with problem solving capabilities and greater adaptation of products to customer needs. The solution developed by our team of custom CRM developers, can help you capture critical information about your customers and their behaviors and enable targeted marketing, product development, and sales activities.

Customer Intimacy

Better Reporting

Without a CRM, different salespeople can track activities in different ways, which makes it difficult for managers and leaders to piece data together to form a coherent picture. CRMs make data entry uniform, meaning managers can easily combine and analyze data to understand the overall health of the sales organization. Thus, CRM Development Services provided by Kanhasoft increase business sales.

Better Reporting

Industries we have served

Legal Firms


Condo Management

Sales Organizations

Service Industries

Complaints and Issue Tracking

Shipping Industry

E-Commerce Sellers


  • Lead & Contact Management

    Every sales lead, if rightly tracked and nurtured, can be a revenue generating opportunity. Track every step taken to convert your lead to a customer, like follow ups, reminders, call and meeting conversations. Deal with the vital task of managing your contacts across various domains.

  • Pipelines & Opportunities

    Create multiple pipelines and track their progress and values. This provides a very intuitive way to track the performance of a marketing channel. Opportunities can be created within a pipeline and then tracked throughout their complete lifecycle.

  • Quotations & Documentation

    Create custom quote documents for leads and send them directly from your system to their email id. Quotes can be customized for their layout and its status can be tracked. Maintain other documentations and keep your file management online.

  • Task Management

    Setup individual or recurring tasks and assign it to the staff members. Stay on track on every task with customized reminder on SMS or Email. In addition, tasks can be linked to contact, leads or projects.

  • Calendar & Events

    See all your CRM events and tasks on a single view of a calendar with ability to drag and drop feature to edit details. View calendars of multiple users on a single view and use various filters to view specific data.

  • Appointment Scheduling

    Schedule appointments on your dairy and never miss out on an important meeting with the customer. Send custom invitation to the concerned parties and also get reminders.

  • Ticket & Issue Tracking

    Create tickets for customer issues and make it auto assign to staff members with auto updates on every step. Keep track of the progress on the issue and allow for auto escalation to higher authorities if there is no progress. Keep track of your issues and allow for auto escalation of issues if not solved.

Custom CRM solutions Our selected work

Storage Space CRM & Marketplace

A SaaS based ERP tool and a Marketplace platform developed for one of the leading real estate property company in South Africa. The marketplace platform allows general users to book space/units on rent from companies registered on the platform. The architecture of this system is on SOA with multi-tenancy. The main aim of this solution is to provide a common platform for tenants and storage companies for business.

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Project Management & CRM System

An end-to-end SaaS based Project Management & CRM system for any product & service company. Any company admin can create their organization account and a separate sub-domain is automatically created for them to access. Various modules include customer database, project management, quotation/work order/PO management, task scheduling, reminders, invoicing, reporting & communication module.

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Service CRM system

A CRM & service management tool for executive services industry, which allows access to company officials and service executives. Companies who offer executive documentation services like human resource, financial services, licensing and insurance management can use this solution to track their operations. When documents are uploaded for any service, the admin receives an instant notification, can review the document and share his comments. Companies can also review their freelancer/staff who performs the services.

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Lead Tracking System

A compact yet intuitive lead tracking system developed for a Real Estate mogul in North America. This system allows user to create a lead, track their progress, create reminders and add follow up details. Users can manage the status of the leads. The admin has access to some highly graph-oriented reports to track staff performance.

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A comprehensive SaaS based Building & Condo management system for South African region. This tool allows a property owner to register and manage their property operations like contact management, building facility bookings, news & updates, building document repository, conducting online meetings and much more. Building owners can conduct online meetings and also accept votes from the members with implementation of quorum rules.

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