Why Web Development with Django Can Be A Good Idea?

A clean, quick, versatile and secure web framework is what everyone looks for in website development and what happens is that people go after the one that is famous or trending without researching its suitability and repent later. To avoid that from happening, here's a brief introduction to Django Application Development.

What is Django?

A high-level Python Web framework that makes web development so simple and smooth that the problematic aspects of website development won't feel like a block in the road at all. Django web development is free and open source and powers many of the Web’s most-used sites, like Instagram and Pinterest.

Why Django?

There are multiple features of Django which makes it well-eligible for web development. Go through each and ensure that they are developed efficiently by the experienced Django web development company you are planning to approach.

Versatility- You can develop anything on Django, it's just like that. Content management, news sites, e-commerce sites, social network sites, name any, Django is compatible with all varieties of format files like HTML, CSS, JS, JSON, XML, etc.

Security- Developers are prone to procrastination. They push tasks that are not critical behind which later becomes vulnerable to the security breach. Well, Django prevents developers from committing such common security mistakes to a great extent. In this way, it protects the application from getting tarnished in any way. Django even closes the door for most of the default website vulnerabilities like SQL Injection, cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, clickjacking and others and blocks them from creeping into the site.

Speed and Portability- Applications developed in Django from scratch to final ones takes no big effort and time as they develop so rapidly. Taking about the platform, Django app development can run on Linux, Windows, Mac or OS X.

Batteries Included- Which means that Django comes with most of the commonly used libraries and tools. Django ORM, Middlewares, Authentication, HTTP libraries, Multi-site support, i18n, Django Admin, template engine etc. are some of the “batteries” that come furnished inside the Django.

No Repetition- Django saves you from a lot of rework and repeated coding. Unlike other frameworks, you don't need to write validations for each route separately as Django strictly adheres to DRY Principle (Don’t Repeat Yourself).

When to pick Django?

In spite of so many features, to check whether Django is good for your project, confirm if any of the following you might be disagreeing with;

1. You need to move and deploy as fast as possible and also make changes as you go.

2. You need an app that is secure from most common vulnerabilities and attacks by default.

3. Your app might scale up/down at any point in time.

4. You are planning to integrate cutting edge tech into your app in future.

5. You want to use a reliable framework which is actively developed.

6. You need both a web app and API backend in the same codebase

7. You want to skip working with database queries directly and need ORM support.

8. You need good documentation and supportive community

Unbox the Django Web Application Development Benefits

Django is no common web framework. It is one such framework that is giving a tough competition to the PHP frameworks. Its popularity has spread like fire all over and developers are wooed by it already. If you focus on the application architecture and code structure of all frameworks, you will realise how pretty amazing Django is. Interesting, isn't it?

If you feel like Django is made for your project and are wondering which Django web development company in India should you opt for, Kanhasoft is the one. The band of seasoned Django developers of Kanhasoft will help you strike a perfect balance between performance, architecture, development effort, security and scalability in Django.

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