Here’s Why Your Business Needs Laravel Application Development

It has been eight years since Laravel was launched. And ever since Laravel web development company from across the globe have started offering Laravel development services, all of which are doing excellent. As a Laravel application development company, developers have found the opportunity to work with Fortune 500 companies and people seeking their hobbies. While every Laravel web application development company swears that the language is the best out there, some people still are unsure about using it for their projects. Laravel web development is promising and there are six reasons that will convince you to become a Laravel development company:

1. Eloquent Object Relational Mapper

The framework offers an exclusive feature called Eloquent Object Relational Mapper, which helps a Laravel development company in India to access database with ease. You no more need to write the SQL code but simply access data using the PHP syntax. One of the biggest advantages it gives to PHP developers is getting the work done in a shorter time.

2. Fixes common technical issues

With its effective security feature including cross-site request sham, SQL injection, and scripting, the framework ensures that every Laravel web application development company in India is able to protect the best interests of their clients. It is the maximum security any programming framework can offer, which is the secret of it being a popular Laravel company.

Until now, more than 1,080,924 websites and web applications have been developed in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and India using Laravel programming language.

3. Open technology

Laravel regularly updates its framework, staying at the top of the competition and preparing for the future. It puts Laravel web development in India at a beneficial position as it gives developers a constant chance to improve at their work. It also makes it easier to scale as the company grows. As an open source technology, Laravel framework is free to use, which cuts down the initial project cost.

4. Artisan Command Line Interface of Laravel

When the Artisan Command Line Interface of Laravel was introduced in Laravel 3, it offers only a limited number of functions. But with the launch of the fourth version, every Laravel application development company in India got to reach their true potential. CLI helps developers to prepare the backbone of their programming along with the database structure and migration for efficient database management.

5. MVC architecture support

The MVC architecture support has helped every Laravel web development company in India. It makes the correlation between the presentation and the logic more transparent, enhancing developer integrity and performance.

6. Performance testing unit

Laravel offers a function called Unit Testing, which helps Laravel development services in India to perform tests and rectify the issues before the application is released. When PHP developers took a survey, they voted PHP frameworks because they offer systematic testing. Developers can start testing their web application in parts as the coding is done instead of waiting till the end to do it. It reduces the workload and gives them more time to work on other projects.

The final words

One of the other benefits offered by Laravel is blades as it helps the developers view their code in plain PHP view. It makes it easier to find out the problem. The blades feature is something not all PHP frameworks offer, so developers get an upper hand when they are using Laravel. This brings us to Kanhasoft, which is a leading PHP web application developer from India that use the Laravel framework. They have a strong team of 40 developers who follow a one group, one project policy, so your web application will get all the attention it deserves.

Laravel Development Company in India

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