About Anonymous Chatting App

Anonymous Chatting App is an ephemeral messenger that allows users to delete any message (sent or received) from both devices. This app works on invite basis and forms one of the largest networks of users. Within the app, user can schedule automatic deletion of messages after a certain period.


  • XMPP based chatting app for Android & iPhone
  • Disappearing messenger app customizable by the user
  • Invite based registration
  • Private mode chat where messages will be auto deleted
  • XMPP chat server E-Jabber for backend server and jabber client for mobile side
  • Integration with Twilio for sending invite SMS
  • Offline mode using webhooks to catch message on jabber server
  • Push notifications using APNS for apple and GCDM for android
  • Mark a contact as favorite and recent chat section
  • Send friend request to other users to add as contact
  • Chat history is managed on device

Android iPhone XMPP Ephemeral chat Twilio API webhooks E-Jabber

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  • Illuminappi Chatting App
  • Illuminappi Chatting App
  • Illuminappi Chatting App

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