Why Your Web Application Needs PHP Development?

As a start-up, you always wonder what will be the right language for your web application. Without thinking, we say that it is PHP web development. Known for its intuitive and dynamic features, PHP application development

has become a favorite among businesses, big and small. More than 79 percent websites and web applications in the United States, India, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia have used PHP application development services, which proves that there is no better language. A PHP web application development company completely agrees that custom PHP application development is the most reliable choice as it is extremely secure and user-friendly. Also, PHP web application development is open-source, so you don’t have to pay anything extra to use the programming language. If you are having trouble choosing a custom PHP development company, we hope this article helps you out.

Here are five reasons why you web application needs PHP development:

1. Compatible with all operating systems

The biggest advantage of using PHP application development in India is because it is compatible with all operating systems. These include iOS, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Android, and Mac OS X. Your web application will be automatically adjusted to the different operating systems, which reduces work on your behalf. One less task for you means more attention towards core activities involved in software development.

2. Dynamic features

Every custom PHP development company in India agrees that PHP is the most flexible of all programming languages. The abundance of frameworks makes using PHP easy and hassle-free. As an open-source dialect, PHP requires minimal manual intervention. It is an independent platform that ensures faster coding, error reporting, interpretation, and real-time monitoring access.

3. Reliable resource system

PHP debuted in 1994 and has been used for custom PHP application development in India ever since. Over the years, PHP web development in India has turned into a large community with huge resources. Developers, new and experienced, enjoy vast documentation that helps them in every step of the development process. It helps them to understand what their clients need, making it easier to meet requirements. When a client is happy, they will return more work.

4. Easy to work with

The open-source and friendly nature of the language has helped PHP application development services in India to prosper. It is one of the easiest languages to work with as it is always updated regularly. As of March 2019, the latest update is only a month old - February 6, 2019. This makes PHP a preferred choice in all sorts of projects because it won’t ever be considered outdated.

5. Affordable

Since the language is open-source, it cuts down the initial costs of PHP web application development in India. Startups who are low on budget and by choosing the language, they can afford more features on the web application. It reduces the update frequency since you already invested in good features in the beginning. The affordable cost presents an equal opportunity to everyone.

Don't be influenced by the big companies investing in state-of-art features when you can develop your own throughout the years. They did the same and that's why they stand at a high position today. Also, the competition among PHP developers is at its peak, which is a huge advantage for startups as they are sure to receive cheaper services.

Making a practical choice

A PHP web application development company in India will always recommend you to go for the language because of its exclusive features, wide documentation, and affordability. When it comes to finding a good developer, there’s no better choice than Kanhasoft. The development company is known for its creative web application development solutions and excellent service.

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Php Web Development Our selected work

Storage Space CRM & Marketplace

A SaaS based ERP tool and a Marketplace platform developed for one of the leading real estate property company in South Africa. The marketplace platform allows general users to book space/units on rent from companies registered on the platform. The architecture of this system is on SOA with multi-tenancy. The main aim of this solution is to provide a common platform for tenants and storage companies for business.

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Dating & Matchmaking Platform

A social networking and matchmaking platform for Norway. The platform helps people find their best match based on their partner preferences. For each registered user, there is a matchmaker assigned by admin. The system has an inbuilt algorithm which automatically suggests the best match for a user based on their preferences. Real time chatting enables users to get to know each other and they can also request for a date. This is a subscription based site with 3 plans to choose from and ad-hoc services.

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Project Management Sytem for Translation Industry

This is a custom Project management and an ERP tool for a translation company. The application aligns with the major operations of the company and allows user to manage their staff, freelancers, clients, projects, jobs, invoicing and detail reporting. Admin can assign project to a freelancer and can track the progress of the project along with its tasks. A knowledge base is provided for the users for company updates and other activities.

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Service CRM system

A CRM & service management tool for executive services industry, which allows access to company officials and service executives. Companies who offer executive documentation services like human resource, financial services, licensing and insurance management can use this solution to track their operations. When documents are uploaded for any service, the admin receives an instant notification, can review the document and share his comments. Companies can also review their freelancer/staff who performs the services.

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Marketplace Platform for Medical

A SaaS based Amazon Seller tool for automatic email campaigner, negative review tracker and data analytics for Amazon platform. This platform is available on a subscription basis and allows sellers to setup email campaigns for specific events of their orders. The system also has a comprehensive sales data analytics module which provides drill down reports & metrics of seller’s Amazon store.

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