About Amazon Refund Tracking System

Track how much money Amazon owes you for incorrect deductions, non-reimbursed orders, items not returned and items damaged from your inventory. The system scans your Amazon seller central to check for anomalies in Amazon’s operation and will display them along with the reason. System also suggests you the content to be written while creating a case on Amazon.


  • SaaS based architecture where multiple Amazon Sellers can register
  • Integration with Amazon MWS API for fetching transactional data
  • Multiple algorithms to check for missed reimbursements
  • Algorithms to check for inventory damage which are not yet reimbursed
  • Intuitive display of possible reimbursement and new cases found
  • Displays content that can be used for creating cases in Amazon
  • Works with Amazon US stores and with orders & inventory related data

PHP MySQL Amazon MWS API CasperJS PhantomJS Amazon Refund Tool

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